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Hi, I’m Dali and I was born in Croatia, where I lived my first 18 years and thought that no other language I would ever need. Well, like in a movie, almost over a night, I turned 19 and found myself in Hungary with zero knowledge of Hungarian or English. Yes, I realized how wrong I was just a year earlier. To make a long story short and keep you awake, when I turned 25 I held a bachelor’s degree in teaching English and Croatian Language and Literature (graduated at a Hungarian college in Hungarian) and was working as a trilingual (English-Hungarian-Croatian) interpreter for the US Army (for little more than 5 years). Now I’m in my mid-forties and learning Italian (it simply feels good and I just love skiing in Italy).
Reason I’ve mentioned this part of my life is that I have experienced multiple times how important and how far a good command of a language can take you, moreover I truly know what it takes to go from beginner’s level to proficient level.
What I’m trying to say is that learning a language requires a little effort and a lot of time but if you do it right the world is yours.

Everybody defines the process of learning a language in its own way. I would say it is like trying to be good at sports. You decide what type of sport you like, how good you want to be and how much time you have for it. The more you train the better athlete you become. Hard work always pays back! I assure you that’s the case with learning a language. You have to decide why you are learning and what your realistic goals are (for example you need to pass an exam or somebody you want to date speaks only Croatian or you want to be able to talk about soccer in Croatian, etc…). I will be more than happy to help you reach your goals but it is you who will do most of the hard work.

I have 2 years’ experience in teaching general English and Croatian through different methods and materials all including impart skills as reading, writing, speaking and listening. I work with students from beginner’s level to upper intermediate level.
I try to create a fun, positive, and challenging learning atmosphere during my classes.

That’s all from me now, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Croatian in Budapest?

It is not as easy as to book a holiday in Croatia, but more time you spend learning Croatian the easier it becomes.

Is it difficult to learn Croatian in Budapest?

No, it is not. As everywhere else around the world you just need a right person to help you with learning.

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