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Lives in Guiyang, 贵州省, People's Republic of China
 Since  03-09-2021
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I have a lot of mystical culture here.there are very perfect

(ONLINE LESSON) I am a native Chinese speaker . let me briefly introduce myself, I come from a very beautiful city in southwestern China. There are many minorities in my hometown. I have a lot of mystical cultures here. There are very perfect opportunities to communicate with you about our different cultures. I used to study abroad at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom. My major is management. I have also traveled to more than 10 countries, so I can also communicate in English. I love a lot of things. I like to dance, sing, play piano, take photos, and travel. I really enjoy talking with different people from different cultural backgrounds Learning Chinese could be interesting. I believe I can bring you a different Chinese  Experience with the mysterious culture, my greatest passion is to help you guys to build your own language system from zero to an advanced level.
My teaching method is to use the scenes in life to improve your oral English faster. I will not simply teach you the knowledge points in the books. If you insist, I will persuade you to learn more about the culture. To learn Chinese from culture, I will spend time preparing a lot of dialogue content to enrich our class. Please contact me before class so that I can plan a very effective trial class.
The trial class is used to understand your current language level. Later, if you find my course interesting, then I will tailor a specific course for you that can achieve your goals.

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