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Learning Chinese, or any other languages, can be quite challenging especially when we do not use the language in our daily conversation. However, it is a truly rewarding experience. I have recently graduated from the University of Sussex as a Finance Student. I have completed a year of study abroad programme at Mannheim University in Germany. Previously, I studied 2 years in a British International Boarding School and have completed 5 years of high-school education in a Chinese Independent School in Malaysia. I am raised in a multi-racial country-Malaysia. Being a multi-lingual person who is able to speak more than 4 languages (Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Malay, and English), I am confident to make the process of learning Chinese to be fun and easy.

I am a responsible, creative and friendly private tutor who is passionate and dedicated to educate and share my experience with my fellow students in learning a foreign language. I am very supportive in solving student queries as relates to academic matters. I aim to help each student progress consistently to achieve higher proficiency level in 4 main components such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Classes will be conducted in Chinese and English to help the student gain a better understanding. The classes can be tailored according to student's needs and abilities.

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