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Personalize your Mandarin study plan with me

[My service]
- Summary: I will guide intermediate and advanced Mandarin learners to create their own language learning environment through a personalized content structure.
- Class structure: I offer 20min-1hr sessions up to 5 days a week, for students to discuss with me their subjects of interest, explore the history of philosophies of China, read and interpret news articles, or talk about the entertainment industries.
- Alternatively, students may elect to have up to 2 face-to-face sessions per week to enhance their pronunciation and tones or if they experience technical issues with the internet and are unable to attend the online sessions.
- Learning outcome: By having short sessions multiple times a week, my students will have constant exposure to Mandarin and it will be easier for me to monitor their progress as well as areas of improvement. I will also assist my students to build a language learning habit around their personal life and schedules so that language learning becomes an integral part of their life rather than "just another class".

[About me]
I grew up in China as a native Mandarin speaker and have been studying Law & Commerce in Sydney for over 4 years. Growing up I have never found it a struggle to learn ancient Chinese or English as I was a self-taught expert in creating the right language-learning environment for myself. I firmly believe that language learning is more about environment and method rather than sheer hard work.

Moreover, being a law student, my focuses are critical thinking, problem-solving, interdisciplinary effectiveness, and cultural competence. I will help you create a personalized environment for Mandarin learning through news, literature, music, philosophy, sports... you name it! My ultimate goal is to make Mandarin learning personalized to you, to enrich your experience with excitement, passion, and confidence.

- Face-to-face classes in Sydney range from $40-60/hour based on travel time.
- Online classes start from $30/hour, which is $10/20min and $15/30min.
- For more personalized session locations & time, please message me to find out alternative pricing policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Sydney?

Sydney is an excellent environment for Mandarin students! A Chinese restaurant would be a starting point to involve yourself with native speakers. Otherwise, any bubble-tea shop from Townhall to Chinatown would be filled with Mandarin-speaking people that you can listen to or chat with. The point is, language speaking is as easy as you can make it be: surround yourself with Mandarin-speaking friends, learn their favorite songs and movies, listen to news pronounced in perfect Mandarin, and soon you'll find yourself a master of the craft.

Is it difficult to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Sydney?

I wouldn't say so. The main difficulties may be the lack of native speakers in your friend-circle, or the lack of channels to entertain yourself with Mandarin content, or a mere lack of interest: but those are problems easily addressed with a good tutor and a solid plan. Find a tutor you're happy to work with (might be me haha) and you'll be set up for lots of fun and self-achievement!

40 AUD
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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Sydney City, Sydney metro suburbs surrounding CBD.

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