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Private Chinese / Mandarin Tutor in Toronto and Online

Mandarin tutor as a multi-language speaker

● NATIVE in Mandarin and Minnan/Hokkien, HKU graduate
● Working proficiency in Cantonese, English
(able to teach in Cantonese and English)
● Working full-time in MNC, Global Citizen traveling around the world. Love different cultures and the outdoors.
Lived in China and Hong Kong
I am a learner of other languages. Teaching my natives also allows me to learn from you (my student) and your culture.
Cultural awareness is something that cannot be avoided in language acquisition, and as a global citizen, that's what I can provide to my students beyond language knowledge.
If you choose to learn this language, I assume you accept or adapt to this culture at least on some levels. So try to be social, make friends with natives, and take the initiative to embrace your journey of exploring both the good & bad about it. (yes, including the bands)
In my opinion, the best way to learn a language is to use it, and with correct guidance.
My tutorial is most suitable for independent learners who need extra support. I offer the flexibility to customize our experience according to your needs and be your supplementary resource in your self-learning journey.
The type of tutorials I offer include but are not limited: the HSK courses, Topic Discussion, and Q & A.
● Experience as a tutor both in HK and China.
● Able to teach basic academic Chinese (grammar, exams, literature) -- because I was a student, I understand the learning curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Toronto?

how easy is it to find one who use Mandarin with you in the area you live?

Is Chinese / Mandarin easy to learn?

It's easy if you use it often. Generally speaking, writing is more difficult than speaking and listening.
Learning any languages starts from input (listening, reading) before output (speaking, writing).
My advise is, focus on listening and speaking at the beginning stage, because this is the foundation before going further. And the key here is pronunciation. If you pronounce wrongly, it's unlikely you understand what you listen, and you will end up more time spent on your pronunciation correction if you keep on reinforcing your mistakes.
So in my opinion, a native speaker's guidance is extremely important at the beginning of your Mandarin learning path.

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