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Lives in No.LT7,Lado A, Andar 1, Rua Capitao-Mor Lopes Sequeira, Lisboa
 Since  05-08-2022
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Teach Chinese with its native culture

I am a native Chinese but also an international communicator, studying and living in both UK and China for more than 10 years, interested in language learning and cultural exchange. I have been teaching Chinese while I was in the UK, being a cultural ambassador in helping people to know Chinese and its culture behind. I believe that the language cannot go without culture, it only becomes alive when it goes with its heritage nature.

It is easy if you just need Chinese for daily conversation, however, it will not be very easy if you want to correctly pronounce and know various use of the words or the meanings of China in reality. What I can offer is to help you get to know this language from nature, and you may learn not only the language but also the interesting Chinese culture beyond.

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What is the easiest way to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Lisbon?

Make a Chinese friend and hang out together in a frequent basis.

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