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I am Linda from China. I am a professional licensed Chinese teacher based in Dubai. I have been teaching standard Mandarin Chinese over 8 years. My students are from more than 50 countries all over the world.
A little bit about myself. I love yoga, acroyoga, calligraphy, painting, cooking, hiking, travelling ,learning new skills and so on.Among all my hobbies, teaching Chinese is my favorite hobby, as I am very happy and proud to share Chinese language and Chinese culture to this world.

Professional Summary
🌱 Responsible & Licensed Chinese Teacher with excellent communication skills demonstrated by over 7 years of teaching experience;
🌱 Rich online and offline (international school & training schools) teaching experience for hundreds of students from more than 50 countries, different levels and different age groups( from 3 to 70 years old); Many of them can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese already!
🌱 Trained hundreds of VIP expat clients and their families from international companies, including GE, Unilever, Nokia and so on; Trained the staff of the Danish Pavilion of Shanghai expo in 2010.
🌱 Rich teaching experience in different courses, such as Pinyin Pronunciation, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced oral Chinese, Chinese Character, Business Chinese, HSK, YCT, Chinese for Children, etc;
🌱 Skilled at effectively managing team of educators, researching education options, and implementing new curricula;
🌱 Diverse teaching strategies for diverse learners; Specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings;
🌱 Passionate about Chinese culture, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, tai chi, tea ceremony, etc.


🌱 Bachelor of Arts, Major in Chinese Language and Literature, Minor in English, Central China Normal University,China

🌱 Certificate:Certificate of Chinese Teacher

🌱National Mandarin Chinese level: Level 1-A (*Level 1-A is the highest level, also the level of national TV host; *Chinese teachers should not be lower than Level 2-B.)

The courses I offer:
Chinese Course for Adults
Chinese Course for Children
One on One/Group Class
Corporate Training
Structured curriculum guides you to literacy and fluency in Chinese.
Flexible schedule on weekdays/weekends can be arranged.
Why Chinese is easy to learn?
It’s often said that Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn.
Actually it’s not true.
I’m going to set your mind at ease and hopefully give you a new burst of enthusiasm for learning Mandarin Chinese.
Here are a few reasons why I believe Mandarin Chinese is easy to learn.
Reason 1: Mandarin Chinese grammar is comparatively simple and straightforward
We don’t conjugate verb form based on the subjects or tenses in Chinese.
And no need to worry about gender or number when dealing with verbs.
Reason 2.Chinese Nouns stay the same in both singular and plural forms.
Reason 3: Chinese words are very transparent and logical.
The way a Chinese word formed tells you a lot about the meanings.
Reason 4: Chinese phonetics are not difficult.
We use Latin letters to indicate the pronunciation of Chinese characters. There are 21 initials (plus 2 special initials), 24 finals and 4 tones(plus one neutral tone) in Chinese phonetic system Pinyin. According to certain rules, all the initials and finals can actually form a total of about 400 syllables. With all the 400 syllables, you can pronounce any Chinese word.
Reason 5: Chinese characters are not random pictures, but a resonablly organized system of pictographic, radicals and phonetic elements that isn’t hard to understand.
Instagram: fluentmandarinchinese
Let's explore the fascinating Chinese language and Chinese culture together!

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