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My name is Lijun, I grew up in Northeast China. I learned Russian in institute, and after graduating from institute, I worked as a Russian translator for more than 30 years. Now I live in Moscow. I like teaching Chinese. In order to teach Chinese better, I completed the Chinese teacher qualification training course in 2017 and obtained the Chinese teacher qualification certificate. At present, I am still constantly learning the skills and methods of education, and I am also continuing to learn Chinese knowledge. I am very happy to see my students improve in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. I not only teach children whose mother tongue is Chinese, but also foreigners of all ages who want to learn Chinese. Knowing Chinese can help them find better jobs. I am very happy. I also found that some students still can't understand or speak after learning Chinese for three or four years in other teachers' classes, so I will strengthen my training in listening and speaking. Improve students' Chinese social skills, they will be able to speak some Chinese after finishing the first class. For students who need to take the Chinese level test, I will ask them to complete the practice questions on their own. I will check their homework and find their mistakes. I will tell them the correct statement and explain why they should do it instead of doing that. Sometimes I will teach them to sing Chinese songs, or perform poems and small plays. My students think that learning Chinese is very interesting and not difficult. Now we have a well-developed Internet. Through the Internet, I can teach students how to speak Chinese and show them how to write Chinese characters correctly. They will also write Chinese characters in the notebook and show me the process so that I can tell them how to write. Is it correct and how to correct it. I like online teaching very much. Everyone can use their time efficiently and can even teach students from the other side of the world to learn Chinese. The farthest one of my students is from San Francisco.
Meeting new people online is a great experience, and it is very exciting.
Looking forward to getting to know you on the Totoroo website and let us make friends.
If you need to learn Russian, I can also help you.

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How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Moscow?

As long as you can speak, you can speak Chinese

Is it difficult to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Moscow?

As a long as you really want to learn Chinese, you can learn Chinese well

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