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Lives in Guangzhou, 广东省, People's Republic of China
 Since  11-06-2022
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Chinese tutor online with standard mandarin

★ About me?
✔️Language lover: I learned English when I was a student, and now I continue keeping the study habit to learn other languages.

✔️Native Speaker: With clear pronunciation and good intonation, I was a part-time language teacher for foreigners 4 years.

✔️Problem solver: More than four years of working experience in an international company, I am capable of intercultural communication and I am able to solve problems flexibly.

✔️Music lover: I practiced "guzheng", which was very boring at the beginning. I had to practice each finger repeatedly to become proficient. This is like learning a language, a practice and effort can finally make good results.

★ Working experience
✔️ 4 years part-time Chinese teacher

★Who I taught before?
✔️ Level: beginners to high levels

✔️ Age: Above eight years old

✔️ Area: North America/Australia /Korea/India...

✔️ Way: On-line

My courses:
1. Chinese Conversation for people with a certain Chinese basis
①Pronunciation correction:---> Focus on tonal mark,initials, finals correction etc

②Spelling and reading: --->Focus on the pronunciation teaching skills, like intonation, tone sandhi, etc.

③Daily conversation practice: --->This focus on learners who have a certain level of Chinese and want to improve their conversation ability. We will focus on a lot of topics you like and help you to improve your conversation skills.

2. Comprehensive ability training from beginners' high levels.

①Systematic learning with textbooks :
★Adults: Textbooks like HSK, Integrated Chinese, Short-term Spoken Chinese, etc will be provided to you and help you to study Chinese.

★Children and teenagers: Textbooks like YCT, easy steps to Chinese, etc will be provided to you and help you to improve your Chinese.

②Tailed courses :
★Elementary level: Learning from basic dialogues or from pinyin structure as your requirement.

★Middle to a high level: Enhance your ability which includes conversation skills grammar, native expressions, cultural learning, etc.

3. Business Chinese-商务中文

①Chinese business lesson: According to your work, a tailed course will be offered besides general business knowledge.

②The expansion of specialized vocabulary or knowledge of one field.

Teaching style
★Instant feedback: Respond to students promptly.

★Traceable material offered: I provide detailed class notes to students for their review at any time.

★Consolidation exercise: Assign relative exercises to help students consolidate their learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Hong kong?

In my opinion ,more practice which based on good guide is the best way to learn Chinese.

Is it difficult to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Hong kong?

I don't think so. If you have a better teacher and you are interested in it .I think we will have a lot of fun to learn it.

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