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Hello, I am a junior at the State University of Milan, before that, I have been studying for a year at the Chinese University "Ningbo University", I was studying choreography and now I am studying communication and sociology, I have my own documentary film directed by me (Italian subtitles) and I am working in Italy mainly as a translator for local Chinese/exhibitions. (of course all this should be reserved for the CV section)
In general, I am a native Chinese speaker and have a deeper understanding of some sentences/words as I have always been a keen reader of literature. You can choose to teach courses in Italian/English. As for the location, I would suggest Milan, where I have my own premises available for study, conveniently located in the city center, or of course, you can choose to teach at a distance if that is not convenient for you.
As for the most important lesson, I can tailor the lessons to the needs of each student, listening, reading, and writing, including the most basic elements of Chinese. For each profession, I will prepare the appropriate learning materials, and after a certain amount of study time, you will have basic Chinese communication/reading skills.
In any case, a platform is a tool for you and me to get to know each other and I am looking forward to making friends with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chinese / Mandarin easy to learn?

It depends on your purpose/attitude. A rigorous approach to learning and an enthusiastic sense of communication are the keys to your rapid progress. Approach and understand a new culture with curiosity and you will find it very interesting and insightful.

How much time does it take to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Milano?

It depends on the needs of the learner, if you only need to interact with people from Via paolo sarpi, I think 3 days will be enough. But if you want to read the Four Great Books of China, then I think you might need more time.

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