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Squirts lesson on cat language

Hi, my name is squirt I am 4 years old. I live with my owners in Belfast l taught my owners my language in no time They understand me very well. Besides them, I have taught cat language to my neighbors' cats to keep them away from my home.

My services also include cat expressions. It's not about meow only ;)

I have a responsibility to look after my cat territory.

My hobbies are eating, sleeping, modeling, and playing hide and seek.

If you offer me cat food, your chances of learning will be faster! :D

Note: Physical classes are also available. I will not bite you. :P

My owners are lucky to have me. Is your cat lucky enough?? So start learning cat language with me today and understand what your cat wants to say to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Cat Language in Belfast?

pretty easy it will take 2-5 months though!:)

How much time does it take to learn Cat Language in Belfast?

2-5 months.

10 GBP
per hour

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