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Private Cantonese Tutor in Berlin and Online

Native Cantonese, Mandarin and English teacher all in one!

Hey there! My name is Ephraim Yuen. My students like to call me "Mr. Eph(eff)". Being a native Hong Konger and having studied Cantonese as an elective in university, I have helped countless people brush up their daily and business Cantonese as well as rediscovering their Cantonese cultural roots in both Mandarin and colloquial Cantonese.

With the abundant Hong Kong cinema and music material, not only are their lively examples to learn from, my personal business experience as a personal web developer will provide you tips that would polish your talking game and connect more with your clients!

Where it be learning to engage your roots as a Cantonese, interested in the culture and linguistic studies, business talk, etc. You name it, I can teach you!

And if you would like to follow a syllabus book in order to maintain a type of structure? I have a 3 part series that I have developed to engage students from tonal exercises, grammar practice and movie studies. It is not necessary to have the book as I'd guide you through the course. yet I believe it is necessary to combine flexibility and adaptivity with a well-found structure.

I am looking forward to joining you in your Chinese studies journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cantonese easy to learn?

It is indeed not easy, AT FIRST!

Yet if it doesn't make you a fool in the beginning, are you actually learning?

Tonal language such as Cantonese is like music, you know your Do Re Me Fa So? This is as easy as ABCs for you then! If you aren't exactly the music type? Don't worry, we point things and name them like we do when we were young! Tones will come together slowly :)

For the written Cantonese... Shh! We don't talk about them here until you can speak! We only show them for you as a reference at first. I will walk your through what little pictorial parts (Particles) to recognize for easier referencing!

It is safe to say if you are curious about the culture, Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, In The Mood For Love... You would pick conversational Cantonese up within a month!

Is it difficult to learn Cantonese in Berlin?

it definitely seems daunting to be in a German speaking location for Cantonese learner. Yet did you know? There are more than 1000 Hong Kongers hiding in this city, and who knows how many Cantonese and Mandarin speakers? If anything, i can be your best motivator and culture enthusiast to keep you going :)

15 EUR
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Tutor available
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students only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Anywhere in Berlin is possible. for COVID safety i will wear mask the entire time of teaching unless it's necessary to demonstrate something!

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