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Private Cantonese Tutor in Manila and Online

Cantonese/ Mandarin/ English

My month language is Cantonese, i can also speak fluent Mandarin and English ( general communication level).

I born in China and work in the Philippines, i have different experience in different countries. i would to meet you who can share your awesome experience. i will try my best to help to improve your study.

Also, i love traveling so much, if you are also interested in it, we can share more awesome experienxes, useful information. it wont be bored during studying. it is just like the talk between friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Cantonese in Manila?

If you love to watch the Hk movies of 80's in the Philippines,i think you already had idea about this language,and if you are interested in those movies,maybe you already known little of Cantonese.

Is it difficult to learn Cantonese in Manila?

Honestly,it is hard to learn Cantonese in here, coz the pronunciation is quite different with tagalog. And it is not comment language which is not easy to practice it with others.

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Public restaurant which on the popular area or main road.