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Love Hong Kong? Want to learn some conversational Cantonese? I can help you.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, now reside in Kyiv Ukraine.
I've been teaching foreigners Cantonese for almost 3 years. I offer a simple step and a study content for you to learn my mother tough language. My courses including listening and speaking session, flashcard excises, forming sentences excises, etc. They are fun yet challenging. So let me teach you and have lots of fun.
All my classes are complete online, very simple and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cantonese easy to learn?

Cantonese has a very rich history and culture as a language and is one of the most expressive and fun languages. Cantonese has a reputation for being a hard language, but as with any language, as long as you have a good strategy and a solid routine, you can come a long way in just a few short months.

Is it difficult to learn Cantonese in Kyiv?

Most of the people in Kyiv learn mandarin but not Cantonese. I did not find any language school that offers Cantonese. That being said, you may have a hard time finding a school to teach Cantonese.

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