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Private Burmese Tutor in Dublin and Online

Private Burmese Tutor in Dublin and Online

As a native speaker of Burmese who is currently studying medicine abroad, I would like to guide others who are passionate about learning my language for various reasons. I was exposed to English since I was in pre-school level at a private international school thanks to my ambitious parents and have also mastered Burmese in different skill aspects as it was one of the subjects in my government school. I passed the high school matriculation exam with distinctions in all six modules, including Burmese (Myanmarsar) and English. I had experiences of peer tutoring at American Center in Yangon, Burma, and specifically language tutoring in my foundation course at St. the George’s University of London, where I did sessions of teaching my language to my peers from different nationalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Burmese in Dublin?

As a language, burmese is quite logical because if you have a good knowledge of some adjectives, verbs and nouns, you can expand your vocabulary. Of course it takes time and effort like any other language, but if you have dedication you can do it! In my opinion, Burmese speaking is much easier than reading and writing. And I can assure you that Burmese is fun to learn with basic learning principles and logic.

How much time does it take to learn Burmese in Dublin?

I think it depends on individuals. If you have proper guidance that is tailored to your learning style, it is much quicker than you think.

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