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Learn to speak like a Kolkata Bengali from a native

I am an engineer who has lived around the world and loves learning languages. Bengali is my native language but I am also fluent in Hindi and of course English. I have lived in India, the USA, and Germany and traveled to more the 50 countries around the world. I can bring my exposure to diverse cultures to the table in teaching languages.

I am not a professional language teacher. On the other hand, I have spent a lot of time learning a very diverse set of languages from Japanese to French to Turkish. I can leverage the learning techniques I have built up in the process to help others learn without relying on textbooks and classroom instructions - that is, purely hands-on, immersive learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Bengali in Munich?

There are very few Bengali speakers in Munich, so having conversations is not easy. But after learning the basics, the easiest way to continue is to learn to read the script and start watching movies etc. One you are beginner conversational, you can go to community gatherings of the local Bengali community to get a more immersive experience.

Is Bengali easy to learn?

That depends entirely on one's language background. Bengali grammar is simpler than German and the ancient roots of all Indo-European languages is the same, so some small fraction will be relatable to those who speak German or English. But there is still a lot to learn in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

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