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(Only Available for Online Lessons) I'm a Lebanese psychology graduate and I focused on learning sciences, cognitive sciences, linguistics, and language acquisition. I have been tutoring and teaching languages ever since I was in high school, which accumulates to about 6 years of experience today.

I prioritize the needs and requests of the student and try to understand what they want out of the classes they're taking in order to work towards that goal. Also, I focus on semi-structured classes where planned material is used, all while leaving space for the class to take its natural turn of events based on the needs and wants of students at the moment. This structure creates a great diversity between different types of learning methods, which can help us cover several learning methods and find out which works best for you. I will extensively present authentic material and situations rather than textbook material in order to make learning more realistic and based on the real world. I always try to incorporate facts on history, semantics, and culture related to the language/phrases we're learning. In that way, you get a more holistic and complete view of the language, making the learning more relevant and engaging!

I'm offering Levantine Arabic classes, which is the Arabic we speak in the Levant countries.

If your goal is to be able to read Arabic, I encourage you to learn Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha/MSA). However, in order to be a well-rounded Arabic user, it is essential to learn at least one of the non-standard dialects.

Why learn Levantine Arabic?

Although it is understood, most people in the Arab world do not communicate using Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha/MSA). Every region has its own dialect and dialects differ. By studying Levantine Arabic, the Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian dialects will all be intelligible to you. It is one of the most intelligible dialects to speakers of other Arabic dialects, which means others are very likely to understand you (and possibly even adjust their speech accordingly). Levantine Arabic is also more similar to MSA than other dialects, which makes it the most similar to the standardized form of the language and shares extensive vocabulary.
I will also offer lots of helpful tools to keep up with the learning and vocabulary. I want my students to enjoy the classes they take and leave knowing they've gotten a step closer to their goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Arabic in Istanbul?

Levantine Arabic is one of the easiest dialects to learn, and there are many opportunities in Istanbul as in many other cities to practice with natives.

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