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Lives in Sharjah, الشارقة, United Arab Emirates
 Since  22-06-2022
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Private Arabic Tutor in Sharjah and Online

Improve learning Arabic for any level

I can help non-native speakers learn how to speak in Arabic language using the Levant dialect, a white dialect that can be understood by any Arab native speaker, I also teach reading and writing following simple methods.
*My students can speak and read right from the very first lesson.
*I have been teaching Arabic language (MSA & Levant) since 2011
*Delivered courses to high profile individuals including consultants, authors, IT experts, doctors, employees, as well as undergraduate university students and house wives.
*My eldest student was a marvelous 92 years old author.
*I also support school students natives or non-natives from grade 3 till high school.
*I am a holder of a bachelor degree, pursuing a master degree
*Certified in teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arabic easy to learn?

When a language is delivered in simplified and rational way, it can make a lot of sense to the learner to understand the spirit and character of the language. I focus on making learning an enjoyable experience.

How much time does it take to learn Arabic in Sharjah?

Learning a language is a journey, but I guarantee that my student will start speaking from the very first lesson, after handful number of hours learner can confidently introduce himself, be engaged in simple conversations at work, cafe', restaurant, etc. With a longer journey a learner can write emails in Arabic, can talk about weather, vacations, work, studies in more details.

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per hour

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