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Private Arabic Tutor in Cairo and Online

Private Arabic Tutor in Cairo and Online

Hello! Marhaban! مرحبا !
my name is Ibrahim I'm a native Arabic speaker and I currently teach Arabic online and in Cairo . it's been over five years that I've been teaching Arabic for foreigners from different nationalists\ and ages.
I have experience teaching classes and individual students and experience teaching many different levels of Arabic Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) and golf Arab to people from different countries. I have taught at all levels, from elementary to intermediate to advanced. I have experience teaching grammar, conversation, writing, pronunciation, and reading and listening skills.
I would love to help you become a more confident Arabic speaker. My lessons incorporate speaking and exchanging ideas and they are interspersed with new vocabulary.
I am patient and friendly, I will take my time with you and my only goal is that you are then able to reach your Arabic language goals.
I love teaching, I love being in contact with cultures, I like to travel, to know new places and meeting people. I like reading and researching about education, (methodology, planning, approaches, strategies, languages, technologies in language teaching and discourse analysis). I also like listening to music and sharing new experiences.
I consider my self as a proactive, easy going, talkative and organized person. Each class is a new and unique experience.
in case you want to learn for a specific goal for example (conversation - writing - reading "Islamic classic texts, historic, media" - learn spoken dialect “Egyptian accent") then of course with all pleasure, I will do my best to achieve your goal.
I really pay a lot of attention for a pronunciation
How to pronounce by clear way
I worked in a different Arabic schools for non-Arabic speakers every week and used language based activities, total physical response, theater and songs to develop students’ confidence and fluency.
Typical Goals: Speaking freely and increasing confidence of young students in their Arabic skills
Main method: Speaking and listening exercises in fun group activities engaging the entire class
my teaching style
I Customize my lessons according to my student’s needs and goals.
I use highly professional Arabic teaching materials to make you reach higher levels in balance.
- I use different learning materials (Video, audio, pictures, texts... ).
-I make sure to have a practice after the end of each lesson with the student, plus giving them a homework to make sure that they understood all that they have learned with additional explanations if needed
-I am so flexible with time so I stay in touch with my students outside the classroom, helping them with learning issues they might have, and to answer all of their questions, plus to keep up with the homework process.
Here are some examples of what to expect from my lessons:
• Total Physical Response {TPR}
• Grammar exercises suited to your level of Arabic
• Development of fluency and confidence through conversation practice in a relaxed setting
• Pronunciation techniques
• Learning materials targeting your language goals
I teach Arabic alphapt course
Through this lessons you can learn the Arabic Alphabet in less than 5 hours in a very easy and good way. If you can't recognize the Arabic letters now, be sure that after these classes you will be able to read any Arabic word!
And during this course we will learn greetings and some words
This is a course for the basic learners of Arabic language. You will study the Arabic letters, How to pronounce, and write them, along with basic phrases like greetings, introducing oneself, and some useful phrases, and sentences
I am sure you will enjoy my motivational and dynamic classes, just feel free to contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Arabic in Cairo?

Learning Arabic is easy as long as you are determined to study. If you are interested into something, you'll do everything to attain it. It takes persistence and positive mind to learn something new. It will be easy for someone who puts his/her heart on it.

Is it difficult to learn Arabic in Cairo?

no, it's not complicated it seems when you understand a proper method to learn and daily conversation it would be easier to understand the key is to be confident to speak in , learning a foreign language is precisely communication and theory
It very much depends on the individual’s own goals and the amount of work they willing to put in. I am sure if we work together we can definitely improve your Arabic to a point you are happy with.
3 months average to get to a higher level

200 EGP
per hour

Tutor available
  for 5 more
students only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

I can meet my students in different areas in my city ( Giza,Zmalek,down town, Tahrir Square, Dokki, Agouza, Nasr City, Maadi and Al Haram.

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