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Marhaba! My name is Ghaith. I am from Tunisia and living in Bologna. I have a Ph.D. in agricultural sciences and I work as a consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). I am a native Arabic speaker, with previous experience in teaching Arabic for foreigners. I can teach you not only the standard Arabic but also the different dialects and the Arabic culture. I am also fluent in French and English and speak decent Italian. Please feel free to contact me if you want to learn also those languages :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arabic easy to learn?

To be honest, Arabic is not easy to learn. It will take time, dedication and practice to learn it. It will depend of course on your leaning goals. But if you learn at least how to speak it, you will be able to communicate with more than 400 million people worldwide. Can you imagine? :)

How much time does it take to learn Arabic in Bologna?

No one can accurately answer this question. It depends on your objectives! Do you want to learn just speaking? or also writing? Are you learning Arabic for fun? or for a serious reason? Do you want to learn the standard Arabic or a specific dialect? or maybe both? What I can say is that it will definitely need more time to reach an acceptable level of Arabic than English or Spanish or French or even German! I would say it is on the same level of difficulty as Chinese or Japanese!

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I can meet preferably in the city center. However, if possible, I can meet them in other areas of Bologna.