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Hello there, I'm a 20-year-old girl born and raised in an Albanian-speaking household and society. I have studied Albanian consistently for 12 years throughout my education and have written many creative pieces of art in Ablanain since stories and creative writing are a huge interest of mine. I can offer assistance for both written and spoken Albanian and help with pronunciation, grammar, and spelling.
This language is unique for the simple reason you can not find anything similar to it, even tho now it has incorporated a wide range of vocabulary from other languages such as Latin, English, and French. You will find out that the challenging part of learning Albanian is the casual language and how the different dialects constantly mix, but to be honest that is also the funniest and most fun part of it. The phrase stating that you learn a language the fastest by listening and talking applies here the most since the so-called "rasat" are part of the grammar in Albanian which is very important and most easily remembered by using it. The good news is that the pronunciation is not hard and the spelling is much easier than English, especially comparing to Danish :).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Albanian easy to learn?

Is easy for the ones who have an interest in it ;). Also, the pronunciation and spelling will be a piece of cake for the English and especially Danish speakers.

Is it difficult to learn Albanian in Copenhagen?

The only thing you will miss by studying Albanian in Copenhagen is the advantage that comes from being surrounded by people who speak Albanian.

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