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I am 28 years old Albanian girl and I am currently enrolled in a Ph. D. Programe in Italy. I have lived in Albania, Italy, Spain, Brussels, and Germany. I love studying languages in my spare time and I have a C1 level of Italian, English and Spanish. I like meeting new people, traveling and explore new cultures. Also, I am quite handy when it comes to teaching as I believe that curiosity should be endless and there is no better way than to expand your inner world and perspective than by studying other cultures and languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Albanian easy to learn?

Albanian language is not quite easy to lear. It is a very unique language as it is very different from all the languages in the Balkani area but it is not impossibile. You become better with practicing each day. It may take from 6 months up to one year learning Albanian.

Is it difficult to learn Albanian in Bologna?

There is a large community of Albanians in Bologna but there is a small number of people who actually teach it so I would say there is less teaching offer than it should be.

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