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I grew up in the Free State, South Africa and took Afrikaans Language and Literature at the University of the Free State and also did my Honours Degree in Drama there. I have taught English and Photography in the past to children and adults. I enjoy writing poetry in Afrikaans and still regularly travel to South Africa from the UK to visit family.
Afrikaans is easier to learn than German or French and people who already know German or Dutch find pronouncing the words very easy. I find that the easiest way to learn Afrikaans is to focus on a specific area of interest at a time, for instance, I may take students to a cafe or plan a specific topic and then explore all scenarios, and humour of course as Afrikaans is full of subtle humour and puns, around the chosen area. This is both fun and has the best success rate in helping students retain the language. I will bring in some necessary references to grammar when it is called for but mainly focus on the conversational element to get students talking as quickly as possible. If you are travelling to South Africa, or Namibia learning Afrikaans will greatly enhance your experience of the culture and help you connect with people on a deeper level. Depending on your goals I believe that between 10 and 20 lessons are good to get started and be able to have a good conversation depending on your own commitment and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Afrikaans in City Of London?

Regular speaking is definitely the best way to learn Afrikaans.

Is Afrikaans easy to learn?

Afrikaans is relatively easy to learn. Like English, it uses a singular gender. If your own language is Germanic, then you will already know many roots of the words or be able to work them out from the sounds quite easily. I also know that Afrikaans people love hearing people attempt their language and will be very helpful and take great interest in those who are trying to learn the language.

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